A Professionaly managed irrigation system makes a big difference in the health of your landscape.

Our trained technicians will keep your landscape green year round.

Landscape Irrigation Systems

Water is our most precious resource. We will make sure that your irrigation is finely tuned by performing inspections during each service visit. An irrigation system evaluation, performed during our account set up process, lets us know how efficiently your irrigation system delivers water to all of your plants and turf areas. It is important that drip and sprinkler heads are calibrated consistently. This means that the same amount of water should be coming out of the heads per minute of run time. This irrigation system calibration assures that water is not being wasted each time the system comes on.

With our soils, it is also important to understand the soil/water relationship. Overwatering often causes more plant sickness and mortality than underwater does. That’s why during the irrigation system evaluation, we not only check output consistency at the sprinkler and drip heads, but we also make sure that the irrigation timers are properly set based on the plant species and plant exposure/location of each valve controlled by the timer. If the sprinkler system is not properly monitored and managed on a regular basis, there will more than likely be an unhealthy landscape and excessive water bills.